The search for the perfect first bra can be frustrating and tedious, to say the least. When searching for that first bra, you need to ensure comfort, suitable fit, and age appropriateness, so we’ve created a complete first bra guide.

There is no right time to get that first bra, but it is important for parents to have “the conversation” when it comes to bras for girls. This is an important transition period for tweens and teens – it can be stressful for both; parents and children. But don’t worry about it – we’ve got you!

Let’s look at some tips to follow while shopping for your first bra; we want to make it as much fun as possible!

Comfort Matters

While searching for the right first bra you want to make sure you get something that is comfortable to wear; in case you’re shopping online, make sure the materials used to make the bra are soft and comfortable, with breathable material. 

Choose Your Style

While selecting the perfect style it is important to know any style which makes you feel right is the style you go for. There are many types of bras in the market such as sports bras, tween bras, and teen bras. If you’re a parent shopping for your daughter, make sure you consult with her on what she wants or feels would be best suited for her.

Realistic Fit is the Key

While browsing through the many webpages that sell tween/teen bras, you can see standardized charts and templates, however, if you’re an Emmie Girl, you can get sizes that are according to actual measurements from girls from the real world! No outdated template that hasn’t changed in decades!

Where to wear? 

Now that we’ve looked into the different types of bras that are appropriate for tween and teen girls, it is important to think that where will these girls end up wearing them. The purpose of the bra is an essential component in the bra shopping experience for your daughter.

Think about it – does your daughter need to wear a bra for a social gathering, school or sports? There can be different bras to fit in different situations.

Where to Shop?

Tweens and teens can also be shy or uneasy when it comes to shopping for their first bras, but you know what – the internet is a great place. Now you and your daughter can shop from the comfort of your home. Browse through different designs and colors and see what you and your daughter like, plus Emmie offers FREE RETURNS and EXCHANGES!

If you’re looking for bras that are made to real sizes, are comfortable to wear, made from high-quality materials, that would provide the support your daughter needs for every twist and turn, visit Our Shop and grab that perfect first bra today!