So many choices.
So many designs.
Where do you begin?

You go to a store and try on endless amounts of bras that just don’t fit. They all start to blend together, and you become overwhelmed. We all have been there. We get it.  

We made our sizing very simple and it’s based on the measurement around rib cage. That’s it! There is no padding to take into consideration, you don’t have to worry about what cup size you are. The bras we offer have plenty of stretch for all sizes offered. 

No padded bras.
No constructed sports bras.
No uncomfortable wires.

All smiles.

How To Measure Bra Size

So, how do you actually measure your bra size?

Place a tape measure around the rib cage, just below the breast base to obtain bust measurement. As our bras have double layer fabric, the fit is more fitting around the bust. 

If you have a fabric measuring tape that will easily wrap around your rib cage, use that. If you don’t have one just get a string and wrap around your rib cage, below breast and lay out to measure the string. 

Our sizing from XS-XL ideally fit between A-C cups and 2X fit between A-D cups.

The Go-To Fit Guide

We designed our bras with the highest quality of nylon/spandex and cotton/spandex for everyday wear; with just the right elastic and fabric that gives you the stretch you need. 

  • When the bra fits ‘right’ you will know it. 
  • Do the straps stay put on your shoulders? 
  • Is the band around the rib cage snug yet comfortable?
  • Does the front of the bra cover your breasts?

Those are the questions that you need to ask yourself when you are trying on bras for the perfect fit. 

Then, there are times you try on the bra and it’s just wrong. 

Everything about the fit is wrong. 

  • Are the straps too loose or tight? 
  • Can you extend out or bring in straps comfortably?
  • Does the band feel too tight or loose? 
  • Are you adjusting your bra throughout the day? 
  • When you move arms over your head does the band ride up on you? 

These are just some of the ways you just know the fit is wrong for you. We want to avoid that and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us

We are constantly improving our designs and adding new designs to the mix. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to get the latest updates on all the new launches.