So, how do you care for your Emmie Bra?

  • Using mild detergent, wash your in cold water on a gentle cycle. 
  • If you have a mesh lingerie bag, use it. This helps avoid potential snagging, twisting and tangling with other clothing in the same wash cycle. And try not to wash your bras along with heavy items, such as towels or jeans.  
  • To dry: lay flat or line dry. 
  • If excess water needs to be removed from your bra, fold and gently press with a towel before putting the bra out to dry.  
  • At all costs, avoid the dryer. The heat will break down the spandex and elastic on the bras.
Wash your bras in cold water on gentle
Wash your bras in a zippered bag to help keep their shape

Of course, hand washing is another method to ensure your bra will keep shape and elasticity after each wear.

Common washing questions

Q: When is it necessary to wash your bra?

A: You can get away wearing a bra 3 or 4 times before ‘needing’ to wash it. That also depends on what you did while wearing the bra. 

Q: When is it necessary to wash your bra?

A: If you are sweating, doing physical sports or wearing during a hot and humid day; it might be a good idea to wash your bra. This also depends on how long you wore the bra. If it’s for a few hours, then you don’t necessarily need to wash it. 

Q: What happens if you wash every time you wear it?

A: If you wash your bra every time you wear it, this does more harm than good. The repeated washing will break down the elastic. Not just the trims of the bra, but the elastic within the fabric. 

Q: What is considered a mild detergent?

A: Those that are free from any perfumes or dyes. By using mild detergent, this rinse cleans without leaving any residue. No bleach. No alcohol.