How do you know what bra is right for you? What makes our bras different?

Our bras have:

  1. Adjustable straps.
  2. No padding! Our bras have double layer for just the right amount of coverage.
  3. Lightweight and stretchy fabric. 
  4. Tagless label.

We are all about softness, comfortable and durability. We spent years reviewing fabric, trims and print to make sure that we don’t shy away from providing what so many have requested during our quest: soft durable bras. There are so many bras on the market that are too thin, too heavy, not enough stretch, itchy straps and tags and just outright cheap fabric. Not even considering they just don’t fit right. This process was an ever-evolving work in progress, until now. We hope you love our products as much as we do! 

It’s all about fit. Some of bras have been designed to fit in between your shoulder blades and directly underneath it, depending how you wear the bra. We have styles with adjustable straps that come across your shoulder blade, which can be adjusted to lay perfectly on your shoulder without the itch and discomfort. No ride up. No slipping. The straps we use are some of the softest straps on the market.  All our bras have been fitted on multiple body types and we want all girls to be comfortable and as they grow, can adjust. 

Want more information on each of the styles we offer? Check out below!  


Jane is our cotton bra that is a great beginner bra. The fabric is stretchy and breathable that provides all day comfort. Shop for Jane


Chloe is our cotton racerback design that is the ultimate total package! This bra fits in between their shoulder blades and directly underneath it.  We spent countless months to ensure our bras not only lay below or between the shoulder blades; but not to ride up and provide discomfort. Shop for Chloe


Parker is the nylon version of Chloe, which has the same racerback design. The stretch, the fabric, the design, THE FEEL – it’s the total package. The fabric for this design is very soft. If you want more double layer coverage, this would be the design. Shop for Parker


Lauren is two concepts into one: bra and sports bra. It is a great bra for those that like the sports bra feel, and the functionality of the regular bra. It’s the best of both worlds in this bra. Shop for Lauren


This design radiates beauty and versatility. The front of the bra provides a V-neck design that doesn’t sit too low and not too high on your daughter. Like the Parker design, the backing of this bra will fit in between their shoulder blades and directly underneath it. This piece is perfect for just about anything; from school, to lounging, to sports, to taking on the world. Shop for Elizabeth

designed with complete mobility in mind


This bra radiates elegance and sophistication. It has the V-neck design with a hint of flair with the cross design. This design has been one of the most requested design in our older girls. This bra provides support with a bit of a stretch that doesn’t slow anyone down. Don’t let this design stump you, this is the easiest cross design bra that can be easily slipped on and off without issue. This piece is perfect for just about anything; from school, to lounging, to sports, to taking on the world. Shop for Payton