We love receiving reviews! We get it: Finding the perfect bra that fits is easier said than done. We completely understand that some teens and tweens have skin sensitivity (my daughter being one) and it seems nearly impossible to find one that meets the criteria that fits properly and is actually comfortable. Well, you can now breathe!! Emmie bras are ultra-soft, breathable and SUPER stretchy, basically the perfect tween bra for sensitive skin!

Thank you Britni for this review on our Elizabeth bra!

I’m so excited to share Emmie Brands with you today! Emmie is a amazing bra brand created specifically for tween/teen girls! Emmie was created by a mom named Ruthie who wanted age appropriate, comfortable and affordable bras for her daughters! Whoa I know that feeling! It’s down right shocking what some stores want to pass off as appropriated for young girls. Ruthie has made it her mission to create something lovely, affordable, breathable and comfortable!

How many times as women have we experienced frustration & pain {literally} when it comes to bras. Watching my daughter go through the same thing makes me sad, I completely understand when I see the discomfort and annoyance on her face. Emmie has truly come to the rescue and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Gabbi’s first Emmie bra is called “Elizabeth” aka the v-neck sports bra with a racerback style. Her reaction upon opening her package was “oh my gosh this is so soft” and guys, it is! Both the outside and inside lining are very silky and that’s really important to us because Gabbi has very sensitive skin. The Elizabeth has a Y shape racerback which is really nice because it doesn’t rub against the back of Gabbi’s neck {any girl knows how annoying that can be} Gabbi has zero complaints about this bra! She hasn’t had a single rub rash, pressure mark or that need to take it off because its “too uncomfortable” HUGE win!

The Elizabeth has a very sleek cut with no extra bulk or fabric bunching and as mentioned is very soft making it ideal under everything! It has been perfect under her gymnastics leotards as most are a single layer and require a bra for older developing/developed girls.

Gabbi like many girls gets embarrassed or uncomfortable if she isn’t wearing the right bra or right color so I defiantly want to pick up a white and a nude Elizabeth so she can wear her light colored leos and favorite white tees with confidence!

Gabbi has had her Elizabeth bra for a few weeks and has been wearing nearly 100% of the time since it was opened, other than washing of course…speaking of that, it washes beautiful {we use woolite and dry on a delicate cycle}

What we love about Emmie:

Adjustable straps
NO tags
No riding up
Super soft fabric
Double layer!! YES!

  • Jane {the cotton bra}
  • Elizabeth {the v neck sports bra}
  • Chloe {the cotton racerback bra}
  • Parker {the nylon racerback bra}
  • Payton {the criss cross bra}
  • Lauren {the perfectly blended bra}

There are five natural colors to choose and Emmie uses actual measurements from real world girls so you are sure to find the perfect fit, style and color for your daughter.

If you are looking for age appropriate, amazing quality, comfortable, adjustable and darn cute bras for your daughter then I HIGHLY recommend Emmie Brands! Check them out, you will not be disappointed!

Read the full review on her site of our perfect bra for sensitive teen and tween skin! Thanks for all the love, Brit and Gabbi! ❤️

Gabbi modeling what is the perfect bra for sensitive tween skin, the emmie brands elizabeth
Gabbi in “Elizabeth”